photo by Alexei Hay in Brooklyn, NY 2016

Connor Leimer is a New York-based musician, songwriter and record-maker. His first instrument was the drum kit at age seven and by thirteen he began writing songs on his dad’s 70’s Guild acoustic guitar.
His musical works include collaborations and contributions by Matt Rollings, Michael Brauer, Howard Willing, Arthur Elgort, Daniel Tashian, Brian Lucey, Kyle Dreaden, Alexei Hay, Shervin Lainez, Ruscha Voormann, Sofia Tormenta, Warren Elgort, New York-based stylist John Tan, Tom Bukovac, Joe LaPorta, Dana Nielsen, Stephanie Hunt, Gracie Schram, Fred Eltringham, Glenn Worf, Jeff Coffin, Jonny Gleaton, Jake Finch, John Baldwin, Josh Rouse and Rouse’s longtime producer Brad Jones, bandmates Marc Pisapia and James “Hags” Haggerty.


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